More about Hydrogen

Hydrogen can effectively eliminate the malignant radical oxygen species that can not be eliminated by many active substances.

Hydrogen Recipe

Hydrogen cooking recipe for health and beauty

Cooking with hydrogen water,can make food taste better.
Cooking meat with hydrogen water makes it softer and removes the bad smell.
It has bactericidal effect on seafood and other food materials. Hydrogen is the best natural material to improve the antioxidant capacity of food materials during the storage period.

  • Cooking fish with Hydrogen water Before frying the mackerel fish,hairtail and other seafood, soak them into hydrogen water for 10 to 15 minutes. After removing the water, fry them in a frying pan, then you can savour the softer fish without fishy taste.

  • Cooking meat with hydrogen water Soak the pork in hydrogen water for about 20 minutes,and saute or stew the meat in hydrogen water will soften the meat and remove pork's bad smell, giving it a light, savory flavor.

  • Vegetables, Fruit Soak vegetables and fruits in hydrogen water for about 10 minutes,can remove the residual pesticide on the surface, and enjoy the fresh taste.
    And making Kimchi by using the vegetables that have been soaked in hydrogen water, the Kimchi's crisp texture can be kept for long enough.

  • Keeping Tofu Keep tofu in hydrogen water for about one week, you still can have fresh tofu for cooking.

  • Dried mushroom Soak dried mushroom in hydrogen water for about an hour,it will be quickly swelled, and you can enjoy a soft, fresh taste.

  • Rice Soak the rice with hydrogen water and cook it with a pressure cooker,You can get the soft, delicate taste of the rice.

Other Information

  • Washing face Washing your face with hydrogen water can remove skin waste and keratin,it also helps with pore management.
    Materials : Hydrogen water, Cleaning foam
    The Method of Use :
    1) Using Hygea H₂ to make cool Hydrogen water
    2) Wash face
  • Growing plants Watering ornamental plants and flowers periodically with hydrogen water can keep them from dying and beautifully enjoy them for a long time.
    Materials : Hydrogen water, Plants
    The Method of Use :
    1) Using HYgea H₂ to make Hydrogen water
    2) Water the flower pots or vases.

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