About Us

Set high-tech hydrogen products' development , manufacture and sales in one--TORY CO.,Ltd

About Us


Tory is a new Korean company which grows rapidly in domestic and overseas market with excellent technology and can meet the needs of pursuing health and beauty for the modern people to set high-tech hydrogen products' development, manufacture and sales in one.
TORY is a company with excellent technology that has developed hydrogen micro-nano bubble generator following hydrogen generator,
In the future, Tory will launch into the global market while selling its products domestically and exporting to Japan, Taiwan, China, South-East Asia, Europe, Middle-East and North Africa.

Organization Chart

Room 701, 46M-Technocenter, 140fan Gyeongtuan road, Gyeongpo city, Gyeonggi province, Korea Tel : +82-31-348-5656 Fax : 0303-0947-5656 Enterprise Registration Number : 531-88-00308 CEO : Yong Ha. Kim (Mail address :
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